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Aden College alumni reunions

In Spain Ash & Jamal Mar2011

Aden College alumni Reunion...
After nearly 40 years of absence from Aden, College alumnus Jamal Abdul Hamid, UK, and alumnus Ashraf Girgrah, Spain, met in Spain to discuss college days and life experiences abraod.


Aden College alumni Reunion...
After nearly 40 years of absence from Aden, College alumnus Jamal Abdul Hamid, UK, and alumnus Dr. Adel Aulaqi, UK, met in the UK to discuss college days and life experiences abraod.

In search of College alumni ...

Alumnus Mahboob Sattar sent a message
to Farooq Murshed a former student of Aden College and Chippenham College of Further Education, Cocklebury Road, Chippenham, Wiltshire England. He sent his regards and his
email address is .
He also mentioned that In the 1964-1967 webpage there is a picture of a bunch of former students from Aden College.
The face peeping between Fadhle Munaibari and Farook Aman is Mustafa Shihab.

He was a friend of mine, and went to Egypt to join the Egyptian Police Academy were he excelled and gained rapid promotion.
Mustafa Shihab is now employed as a Senior Officer in the Police force of one of the Gulf States.
Best wishes to him. I remember the good times we had in Cairo, Mustafa.

Mahboob Sattar

On the London,UK Reunion

Hello Jamal, Raza and Himat,
It was good to catch up and "chinwag" about the past. Many thanks to Jamal for getting us together. It is good to hear that we are all active in many ways..can we call it the Aden College Effect (ACE)?
Jamal, a special thank you for the most helpful and useful information on desalination. I was intrigued by the idea that one can produce enough water for drinking by boiling. It took me back to Mr. Miller's chemistry lessons. It will be good to invent a simpler less energy-demanding method to produce drinkable water from sea water??
I hope we meet again with perhaps other AC alumni in the nearby areas of where we all live.
Best wishes to all. Adel

It was so nice to see you all in the National gallery café and bring back memories long forgotten. We must do this again with the addition of some more old friends from Aden College.


In Search of Alumni....
I would like to get in touch with  Nageeb Hamed Khan a brilliant scholar, athlete and musician whose father, Hamed Khan was the Deputy Commissioner of Police in Aden, and was a close friend of my father.

At Aden College in the 1960’s Nageeb was one year ahead of me. He was running around  with all the other Qirbi’s, Luqman’s Ghanems, Aulaqi’s et al.  Unlike me, he passed his ordinary ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels and then came to Scotland to study Engineering.

In spite of personal difficulties the boy did well. He graduated (his father was an attendee) and went to work in Saudi Arabia.

If Nageeb is still alive, I would like to say HELLO to him. I have not seen him or Siham for a long time, but recall meeting his father in Islamabad a long time ago.

Mahboob Sattar

Jamal reunion

Another reunion of Aden College alumni for the first time in the UK. The photo of the meeting took place in the National Gallery at Trafalgar Square, London.
From left to right: Raza Yousef, Jamal Abdul Hamid, a visitor to the Gallery Cafe' enjoying a cup of coffee, Himatlal Jagani, and Adel Aulaqi.
Read more about what was said about this reunion by clicking here.

Ash at St Mark Square

Ashraf Girgrah in St. Mark’s Square
Venice, Italy in April 2010.(Above).
And in Monte Carlo, Kingdom of Monaco. (Below).

Ash in Monte Carlo
Ash Belen Antonia

Canadian Radio show....
Radio CHIN Show Dialogue with Diversity broadcast live from Ottawa on May 12th, 2010 one of its episodes via telephone lines from Vera, Almeria, Andalusia, Spain.
Dr. Qais Ghanem who created the radio show and his co-host Gary Michaels interviewed 
3 guests :
Bellin Lastra, a Spanish Insurance Representative
Ashraf Girgrah, a retired Aden College Alumnus
Antonia Caro, a teacher in a High School.
The title of the episode was :
All the way from Spain.

It is understood that similar shows were broadcast live from Dubai and London with Aden College Alumni.

To listen to recorded epiodes of the show
click here.

Adel & Qais in London

Dr. Qais Ghanem with Dr. Adel Aulaqi in London, UK, May 2010.


Abdo & Khalid

Left to right:
Abdul Karim Ali Abdo, Mohamed Omer Balgoon, &
Khalid Omer Muhereiz.

Khalid & Abdo
Qais & Ash

On a recent visit to Spain in May
Dr. Qais Ghanem and Ashraf Girgrah went on a visit to  Alhambra
in Granada, Al-Andalus.
Alhambra is the most frequently visited monument in Europe and the world.

Bal infront white House

Alumnus Mohamed Omar Balgoon
was on a visit to the USA in May 2010. He visited the White House
in Washington D.C.

Mohd & Ash Ottawa Dec2010a
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