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Photo Album of Alumni Overseas


Cooking a  meal  in the UK.
Dr. Abubaker Al Qirbi, Dr. Shihab Ghanem,Dr. Musa Abdul Karim and civil Engineer Mohamed Hashim.


On the left Accountant Abdulla Abdul Salam (UK) and Engineer Jaffer Al Skaff (UK). This photo was taken in Paris in 1998. The Victory Arch is behind them.

Farook Aman & Farook Murshid

In London, UK, 1967

 Farook Murshid and Farook Aman

_engineer_shawqi_luqman_and_dr_wijdan_luqman.jpg Farook Aman London67

In London,UK 1967.

From left ;
Farook Aman, Ms.  Humaidan, Engineer Wagdi Aman, Eng. Afdel Mohamed Khan.

Alumni musical group in the UK.
From left :
The late Dr. Hafid Luqman singing Arabic song, Dr. Isam Ghanem on the lute and Engineer Nageeb Khan on the bongos.


On the left : The late Engineer Shawqi Luqman and the late Dr. Wigdan Luqman in the UK.

Uk music group

Taken in London Hyde Park, 1959.
From left :
Awad Mubger, Jamal Abdul Hamid, Reza Yousef .

In Hyde Park London, 1970.
On the right the late Alawi Al Sakkaf with brother Engineer Jaffer Al Sakkaf. Looking at the camera behind the late Adel Saleh.

Faisal Bin Shamlan, Jamal Abdul Hamid - on a Saturday outing at Chessington Zoo, UK, 1960.


Alumni musical group in Aberdeen, Scotland.
From left :
Dr.Isam Ghanem on the lute, Masoud on the tambourine,  Engineeer Nageeb Khan on the bongos and the late Dr. Hafid Luqman singing Arabic songs.


In the UK.
From left :
Dr. Isam Ghanem,
Dr. Abdulla Abdul Wali Nashir,
Dr. Wigdan Luqman and
Abubaker Qirbi.


Ali Jaffer, Jamal Abdul Hamid, Yousuf Abdul Hamid -
Eid al Fitr at Woking Mosque, Surrey,UK, 1959.


Dr. Shihab Ghanem infront of Kings College, Aberdeen Scotland.


In London,  1960.
Frm left  :
Sami Luqman, Captain Fawzi Luqman, Teacher Ibrahim Luqman, Dr. Qais Ghanem.


Alumni graduates of the American university, Beruit, Lebanon. a number of them went for further studies abroad.
In the picture :

1.Abdulaziz Saif Did MA and PhD in Water Resources in Southampton
2. Abdulhabeeb Abdulsattar Engineer living in Oman
3. Abduljaleel Noaman-Cardiologist (Heart Specialist) living in USA
4. Anwar Girgrah MSc in Agriculture Engineering from UK
5. Azzam Al Adhal Studied Medicine ) living in USA
6. Tahir Ameer Studied Medicine in Baghdad
7. Tahir Yahya Nephrologist (Kidney Specialist) living in USA
8. Zuhair Shihab -Ophthalmologist (Eye Specialist) living in USA.

Jamal Abdul Hamid, Qais Ghanem, Danny Sequeira - Brighton Beach,England, 1959.


In Ottawa, Canada 2002.
From left :
Dr. Shihab Ghanem, brother Dr. Qais Ghanem, and Engineer Mageed Girgrah.


Awadh Mubgar, Abdulla Qirshi and
Jamal taken in Hyde Park, London, 1959.

In Amsterdam, Holland,1998.
From left :
Dr. Qais Ghanem, Ashraf Girgrah, Ambassador of Oman in Holland, Mohamed Omer Balgoon, Abdul Rahman Bagunaid.


In Kingston Ontario Canada, 1974.
Alumni from far left :
 Abdul Karim Ali Abdo, Gameel Abbas, Dr. Mohamed Mahyoub Sultan, Engineer Mageed Girgrah, Engineer Mohamed Girgrah.
Amin  Girgrah was a student at Aden Technical Institute..

Shihab in Dubai 1979

Taken in Marble Arch, London.
From middle left :
Abdi, Mohamed Girgrah, Abdulla Qirshi, and Raza Yousef.

A picture taken in Dubai in 1979 of Ex Aden College alumni(with the exception of the late Samir Abbas who was a Technical Institute alumnus)

From left Sami Luqman, Shihab Ghanem, Samir Abbas. Qaiser Luqman, Hussein
Sultan, Isam Ghanem, Jameel Abbas.


In London 1968. From left :
Late engineer Mahmoud Tarmoom, engineer Jaffer Al Sakkaf and Azam Mahboob.

Fraouq Aman & friend1

On the left :Farook Aman with  Farook Murshid in London 1967.

Farook Aman with the late Dr. Mohd. bafakih

Farouq Aman & friends

Under the watchful eyes of the Queen of Britain, Alumnus Raza Yousef is address the representatives of Aden and the Colonies at the Christmas dinner in Hans Crescent, London, 1961.


Alumnus Jamal Abdul Hamid infront of Hans Crescent, London, 1959. Hans Crescent was the first residence stop of many alumni on their arrival to London,UK.

Representatives of Aden and the Colonies attending the Christmas dinner
held in 1961 in Hans Crescent, London. In the far right with glasses is Raza
Yousef. On the opposite side of the table is the late Adel mahfoud Khalifa.

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