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Alumni in the News

* The editors-in-chief of Aden College website regret to inform all AC alumni of the sudden death of alumnus Fawazi Khalid Ali Luqman. We
express our deep sympathies and condolences to his brother alumnus Sami (Dubai) and all members of his family.
May Allah rest his soul in peace.

* Alumnus Ali Jarallah (1966-1970) wrote that he left Aden for Russia in 1970.Ali Jarallah1
He graduated in Business Adminstration (MBA) and joined the UAE Central Bank in Abu Dhabi in 1968. He retired from the bank in 2010 after 27 years service. He acquired the UAE citizenship and is now working as a Managing  Director for an International Company in Abu Dhabi. He
established a branch of the company in Egypt.
He remembers some of Aden College teachers like the late Lutfi Jaffer Aman, Ahmed Ali Girgirah, Abubaker Badeeb, and the singer/composer the late Ahmed Cassim who taught music once a week in the College. He also remembers some students like Fadal Abbas, Galal Soofi, Ahmed
Hamadani and Anwar Ghaleb.

*  Alumnus Abdulla Abdul Majid Al Asnag met with several members of the British Parliament in London, UK. Al Asnag had a separate meeting with member of Parliament, Keith Faz, who was born in Aden, and heads the portfolio of
British-Yemeni relations.
Alumnus Al Asnag reiterated the right of Aden and its inhabitants to receive special treatment from the British Government and to revive
Aden's economy, healthcare services, education and investments.

* Alumnus Raza Yousuf (1952-1956) and teacher (1962-1967) visited Spain with his wife and toured by car the cities of Granada,
Cordoba, Seville, and Almeria in Al Andalus. He enjoyed the Islamic architecture in his travels.

* In the series of video interviews with Aden College alumni, Dr. Qais Ghanem interviewed on video alumnus Abdulla Abdul Majed Al Asnag (1952) in London January 2013. To watch the interview click the following link:
He also interviewed EngineerHussain Mahyoob Sultan Dubai1
 Hussain Mahyoob Sultan
 (1952-1957) in Dubai. Click on the following link to view the interview in its entirety

* Alumnus Dr. Adel Aulaqi delivered a lecture at the British Yemeni Society entitled The Challenges of Yemen's Health Care System. Almunus Dr. Abdulla Abdul Wali Nasher chaired the panel.Adel  in London
Dr. Aulaqi mentioned that the meetings of the two day conference on Yemen  may certainly make a difference and hopefully will make Yemen
and the Yemenis aware of the challenges ahead. Many attended the lecture and conference including a good number of Yemenis in the UK (al-Mahjar). Many enriched the sessions with very valuable and constructive contributions. A number of AC alumni attended and a few contributed either with papers or discussions.

* Dr. Qais Ghanem has a date with the
British-Yemeni Sociey in London, UK to deliver a lecture entitled The Summer that follows the Arab Spring. It will held onThursday, 21
February, 2013.
Dr Qais has published his latest book My Arab Spring, My Canada is available online from Amazon.
The lecture will start at 6 p.m. (with refreshments afterwards) at the Middle
East Association, Bury House, 33 Bury Street, London SW1Y 6AX.
Tickets on the door:  5 for Members, 10 for non-Members.

* Alumnus Dr. Abdulla Ahmed Al Sayyari, Head, Nephrology and Renal Transplantation, King Abdulaziz medical City, Riyadh,Book study cover by Al Sayyari1
Professor of medicine, King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Science co-authored with Dr. Faissal Shaheen, Director General, Saudi Center for Organ Transplantation, a book in English and Arabic entitled Conversations about Kidney  Disease.
To read more about the contents of the book click here.

* Alumnus Dr. Qais Ghanem was a guest speaker at the Canadian Peace Initiative Conference which was held at the Conference Hall of Saint Paul University in Ottawa, Canada. To watch the lecture click on the following link:

* An article written by Dr. Abdulla Ahmed Al Sayyari entitled Does the doctor always reach a correct diagnosis? The article took the form of discussion with a Saudi mother whose child is afflicted with Kidney disease.
Read more here.
In another article entitled Putting One’s foot in
it, he examines patient-physician relations.
Click here to read more.

* In his weekly column in the Gulf News paper of Duabi, UAE, alumnus Dr. Qais Ghanem wrote an article entitled Yemen:Two Years under President Hadi.
To read the article click here.

* Dr. Adel Aulaqi and Dr. Qais Ghanem tossed an idea of co-authoring a book in Arabic and English about Aden College alumni who are in diaspora (Al Mahjar). The book's title is “The Yemeni Diaspora – Success Stories”. To gather information for publishing the book, emails are sent to AC alumni living abraod (Al Mahjar).
Dr. Qais Ghanem:   and  
Dr. Adel Aulaqi:  will
edit the book.

* The Gulf Arts and Leadership Academy (GALA) is to honour Dr Shihab Ghanem for  contributions to Arab literature and  for fostering Arab and
Indian cultural ties.
The award will be presented  by Kerala’s Honourable Minister for Cultural Affairs K. C. Joseph at a ceremony to be held at Dubai’s Shaikh Rashid Auditorium, Indian High School, Aud Metha, on February 8th in the evening. Following the presentation ceremony, there will be a show of Indian music and dance.
Three other prominent writers are also to be honoured: Sethu, a popular and celebrity writer and President of National Book Trust of India;
Perumbadam Sreedharan, a best-seller novelist, and President of Kerala Sahithya (Literary) Academy, and Chemmanam Chacko, one of the most famous poets and satirists from South

* Dr. Abdulla Al Sayyari co-authored with Harakati, Mohamed; Shaheen, Faissal; Tamim, Hani; Taher, Saadi; Qublan, Adel A.L., a study paper entitled Saudi Patients and Health Care Providers: Divergent Perceptions of Illnesses and Their Symptoms, in the Berghahn Journals.
This cross-sectional survey study analyses the degree of concordance between Saudi patients and their nurses and physicians in four areas: (1)
perceived causation of diseases and drivers of cure, (2) symptom ranking and perception, (3) views on social habits and traditional medicine, and (4) assessment of health care providers' empathy. The doctors and nurses were asked to predict their patients' responses to the survey. Significant divergence was found between the patients' responses and the health care providers' predictions. Cultural and background differences between the two groups, as well as a large educational gap, might account for this disparity. Such discordance could conceivably lead to wrong diagnoses being made, due to the different levels of importance that patients and doctors accord to symptoms.
Click here to read the study paper.

 In the News...

* Aden College alumnus Dr Zuhair Shihab (Texas, USA), Zuhair Shihab has a private practice in opthalmology in Lubbock, Texas. He wrote his remarks on dialogue
with Diversity website:
"Just finished reading Two boys from Aden College by Dr.Qais Ghanem.
A great novel that should be required reading for High school and colleges in the Arab world and Yemen for its provocative themes".

* Consul General of Yemen inConsul General Mohd Qutaish1
Dubai Muhammad Qutaish, an Aden College alumnus (1959-1963) was interviewed on video by Dr. Qais Ghanem.
View the interview here.

* Dr. Qais Ghanem was the recipient of the Diamond Jubliee Medal, conferred on him by Her Majesty  Queen Elizabeth II in commemoration
of her sixieth anniversary, and in recognition of his contribution to Canada.Queen award to Qais
Dr. Ghanem is a well known Canadian-Arab neurologist, active author, lecturer, poet and novelist, an advocate of human rights specially that of
women, an editor-in-chief of his own website, an active contributor to Aden College website, and radio presenter in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. His moto is SCSC (stop complaining and start contributing).Qais Queen Award
He was a candidate for the Green Party in Ottawa South during the Canadian Federal elections of 2008.

* Alumnus Dr. Mohamed Ali Al Bar, Consultant of Medicine and Consultant of Islamic Medicine in Saudi Arabia, authored a study in Arabic entitled "Death of the Heart and Brain: Identifying its signs and its Diagnosis".

* Alumnus Dr. Adel Aulaqi was the guest speaker at the British-Yemeni Society conference which was held in London, UK from January 11th -12th, 2013. His lecture was on "The Challenges of Yemen’s Health Care System". A full
conference report was prepared by the British- Yemeni Society. Read the report here.

* Alumnus Dr. Abubaker Al Qirbi, Yemeni Minister of Foreign Affairs, was the keynote speaker at the British-Yemeni Society conference. The conference theme was "Yemen: Challenges for the Future". In his keynote speech Dr.Qirbi spoke of the problems that had preceded the signing of the GCC transition arrangements in November 2011, pointed to the significant progress achieved since then and acknowledged the major problems that lay ahead. The next step was the start of the National Dialogue. He thanked the UK government and the international community for their support and spoke of his interest in the outcome of the conference. He welcomed the initiative of the BYS in arranging it.
View the opening session on video.

* Dr. Qais Ghanem was the guest lecturer at the British-Yemeni Society on February 21st,2013 in London, UK. His lecture entitled "The Summer Following the Arab Spring". A summery of the lecture can be found here.

* Dr. Taher Yahya, an Aden College alumnus (1961-1965), Dr. Taher Yahiahas a private  practice  in Danville, Philadelphia, USA. He specializes in Nephrology and is treating patients with diabetic Neuropathy. He first gratuated from the American  University in Beruit, Lebanon in 1974. He was one of the
classmates in Aden College of Dr. Abdulla AlSayyari, Dr. Zuhair Shihab and Dr. Azam Al Adhal. Dr. Yahia, Dr. Shihab and Dr. AlAdhal  ended up in the USA.

* Dr. Shihab Ghanem was the guest of honour in the second edition of poetry symposium entitled The Poetic Heart: Connecting Humanity-
2013 which was organized by Soka Gakkai International-Gulf in Dubai on February 14th, 2013 at the Knowledge Village.
Dr. Qais Ghanem was a guest speaker and recited some of his own poetry along with other eminent poets representing other countries.
SGI-Gulf is a non-profitable organization which promotes human values through education and culture. Click here for a summary of topics.
The SGI-Gulf symposium included music which was played by Dr. Nizar Ghanem. He sang
Al-Amwag, lyrics by Dr. Shihab Ghanem. Also present as a guest of honour the international singer-songwriter, composer and producer Sami Yusuf.
Listen to Nizar's song here.

* British writer Patrick Krieger of The International Relations Insititue in Britain is a frequent author and political analyst who writes about  Aden and South Arabia. Book about South Arabia by Patrick Krieger1
He authored a book entitled "Deadly Morsel" which will be published soon about the political scene in Yemen. A review of the book in Arabic is presented in Russia Today Forum website.

*  A new book entitled "First Muslim: The story
of Muhammad" by Lesley Hazleton was published lately in Seattle,  USAFirst Islam book cover1.
In it, she said that Islam is the fast growing  religion in the world. But Americans know little about the Prophet Muhammad. Her book was reviewed in Arabic by Al Sharq newspaper.
What's interesting is that the author is an American Jew.

* Garry Miller is Logic and Mathematics Garry  Miller of Toronto1
scientist in the university of Toronto, Canada.
He used to preach Christianity and has a good knowledge of the Bible. He was introduced to the holy Quran to run falsification tests in the hope of finding errors in its contents. He found out that the Quran honoured Mariam (Mary) in a complete surah called Mariam, more than he found in the Bible. Yet, none of the wives of the Prophet
Muhammad had any surahs named after them.
He also found that the name of Prophet Issa
(Jesus) is mentioned 25 times in the Quran while the name of Prophet Muhammad is mentioned
only 4 times. After several attempts in testing
the verses of the Quran he reached the decision that the Quran is an authentic word of Allah
As a result of his fascination with the Quran he embraced Islam and is preaching Islam in Canada.

 In the News...

* In his series of video interviews with Aden College alumni,  alumnus Dr. Qais Ghanem interviewed alumnus Dr. Shihab Ghanem in Dubai, UAE.
Click here to view the interview.

* Student Omar Aref Al Matri from Boys Secondary School  (previously known as Aden College), sent the site some interior photos of Aden College buildings which were taken in March 2013. The photos show the dilapidated buildings of the college. The buildings were left to deteriorate because of the lack of constant maintenance and care. Student Al Materi was sent to the US for a year to learn English.He is one of the top students at his class. The photos are posted on this page.

* Dr. Qais Ghanem was interviewed on a website called greetchhara by Greeta Chhabra, a female poet from India.
To follow the interview click here.

* Safiya Al Bahlani, an Omani Creative Designer Safia the Omanishares her experiences in the field of design and how she started despite the challenges.The loss of her two hands did not stop her from pursuing her career in Creative Design.  She made a video presentation which is inspirating and heart touching. Her advice to her audience was to build on their personal talents no matter what!
Click here to view the presentation.

* Dr. Qais Ghanem was recently interviewed on CKCU radio by Gordon Walker in Ottawa, capital of Canada.
Click here to listen to the interview.

* An appeal in the form of an email survey is issued to all Aden College alumni who live abroad and Yemenis in diaspora  to seek cooperation and help in putting together a book in Arabic ans English about their achievements overseas.
Dr. Adel Aulaqi and Dr. Qais Ghanem volunteered to compile and edit the book. Read more about the appeal here and the form here.

* Alumnus Dr. Mohamed Ali Al Bar is a well 090810115537_aden_college_alumnus_dr_mohamed_albar_frcp__physician__islamic_scholar___bioethicistknown General Medicine Consultant and an Advisor to Islamic Medicine in King Fahd Medical Research Centre in the University of King Abdulla in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. His resume includes university degrees from Egypt, England and Scotland. He authored books in Arabic and English in Healthcare, Ethics and Medicine, Medical History, Religion and Medicine, Religious Affairs, and in Literature and History. His resume can be seen here.

* In his weekly opinion/column in the English language GulfNews of Dubai, Dr. Qais Ghanem wrote an article entitled "In defence of women's rights on March 14th, 2013.
Click here to read the article.

* Dr. Qais Ghanem has updated his poetryDiwan-cover-Qais book entitled "From left to Right" and added new poems in English and Arabic. The book is printed and published in Canada and is in 140 pages. It is available for a price of $10.

* The Canadian website The Huffington Post has recently published an article by Dr. Qais Ghanem entitled "Why Shouldn't the Clergy Be Allowed to Marry?"
To read the article click here.

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