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Aden College  Alumni News.....

* Dr. Abdulla Al Sayyari has started writing parts I and II in a series of articles about Aden College. The articles which are in Arabic, are entitled Aden College phenomenon. The articles discuss in depth the idea of establishing Aden College, the selection of the location site, the reasons which led to the establishment of the
college, the discussion of the strategies of the educational policy adopted in the
college, and the reviewing
samples of the graduates and their achievements in several fields.
Part I deals with how the college came to existence.
Part II deals with the reasons behind establishing the college.

* The Canadian Yemeni Community and Heritage – OttawaYemeni canadian logo held a reception in honour of Dr. Qais Ghanem and Dr. Mohammed Baobaid on Sunday, May 27th, 2012. They were awarded with plaques for their contributions to promote understanding and harmony between the Yemeni community and the Canadian citizens.

* Alumnus Ashraf Girgrah wrote an article about The  1840 Irish Famine : Holocaust or Genocide! in commemoration of the 1500 Irish who died from starvation and disease along the shores of Lake Ontario in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. The ceremony was held by the Irish Canadian community.

* Dr. Abdulla Al Sayyari wrote a book review of the novel entitled Two Boys from Aden College. The novel would - if I have my way – be a component of the curricula at Yemeni Universities in the faculties of English, sociology, psychology and even politics.
Alas, this is unlikely to happen.

* Patron Isam Ghanem and Principal Anasari presented Al Sayyari prizes to students who excelled in the sciences and Arts at the Dr. Mohamed Abdo Ghanem Secondary School in Aden.
Dr. Abdulla Al Sayyari donated the prizes and were presented by Colonel Al Sayyari.
Other prizes were presented to the students who excelled in sports, namely Volleyball, swimming, football and racquet ball.
Dr. Isam Ghanem was elected as an honorary Head of the Committee of Guardians of the school.

* Almunus Dr Zuhair Shihab from Texas,
USA mentioned that he just finished reading
Two Boys from Aden College. A great
novel that should be required reading for High School and Colleges in the Arab world
and Yemen for its
provocative themes.

* Dr. Shihab Ghanem was the guest of honour at the Annual Sports Day celebrations during his last visit to India.Shihab presenting prize He distributed the prizes to the students of the university college in New Delhi.

*Alumnus Abdul Karim Ali Abdo wrote an article about his experiences as a student  in Aden College. It is entitled My Aden College days. He was in Aden College from 1952-1956.
Click here.

*Alumnus the late Sultan Abdo Nagi Sultan Abdo Nagisat for Aden College G.C.E. ordinary and high Levels in 1957.  He left a treasure of research and study books in Arabic and English. He authored during his life time 66 books. He was mostly interested in the history of Yemen and the Middle East. His website is

*Alumnus Ashraf Girgrah wrote an article entitled Living in Canada. It speaks about Canadian multicultualism and the coexistence of ethnic communities under the banner of Canada.

*A new web page  has been added after College History entitled Phenomenon.
It includes an article in 4 parts written by Almunus Dr. Abdulla Al Sayyari. Now we have an English translation.
The article discusses in depth the idea of establishing Aden College, the selection of the location site, the reasons which led to the establishment of the College, the discussion of the strategies of the educational policy adopted in the College, and reviewing examples of graduates and their achievements in several fields.
Part I deals with how the college came into existence.
Part II deals with the reasons behind establishing the college by the British.

*Aden College discussion group can now be found on FaceBook. Thanks to Dr. Abdulla Ahmed Al Sayyari. To login you need to join and register.

*Dr. Mohamed Ali Al Bar presented a lecture in recent bioethics seminar in Doha, Qatar. The lecture was entitled Contemporary Western Bioethics Philosophy Compared with Islamic Perspective.

* The editors of Aden College website share their deep sympathies, grief and sorrow with the family of Ghanems for the sudden death of Dr. Isam Mohamed Abdo Ghanem in Aden in August 2012. May Allah rest his soul in peace.Isam Ghanem2
The late Isam was a frequent contributor and one of the editors of Aden College website. Like his brothers Qais and Shihab he
wrote poetry, played the lute, authored more than 20 books and wrote many case studies in law in both Arabic and English.
He was the custodian of the Mohamed Abdo Ghanem Secondary School in Aden; an active memeber of Aden Born Community (Tajamu' Abna' Aden); and an active social and political campaigner for law and order.

* Alumnus Abdullah Taher Abdullah Ali ,MBA, FCMA,CGMA, FCCA (London), graduated from Aden College (1959-1963) after passing 7 subjects in GCE "O" Level. He Worked for Aden Port Trust and later sent to the UK in 1971 on a scholarship from Aden Port Trust.  His mentors at the time were the late Mr. Mageed Girgirah, Charirman, Aden Port Trust, and Mr Shakeeb Mahfood Khalifa, Chief Accountant, Aden Port Trust. Both of whom were Aden College gratuates.
He was studying for and  passed Part 3 of the CIMA (Cost & Management Accountats Exams),  UK.  He Attained Top Place in "Office Management"  Paper. Out of a total of 1473 Candidates, he was considered the FIRST Adeni,  to attain a" Top Place", in a UK Accountancy Exams. currently FCMA (Fellow of Chartered Institute of Cost & Management Accountants). Also CGMA (Chartered Global Management Accountant).Abdulla Taher Abdulla Ali
The photo shows Abdulla at the entrance of the British Council Residence, 1 Hans Crescent, where  he lived in London, UK, until it was closed down. He was then moved to the other British Council Residence in Queen's Garden, Bayswater, London W.1.
Abdulla completed successfully his Cost & Management Accountancy Exams. in 1973. He worked after graduation, in London with the Rank Organisation, where he trained as an accountant. In between , and while studying for the accountancy course, he also trained with three other British companies, as an accountant developee.
He worked in Australia, Bahrain and Qatar. He resides and  lives in Melbourne, Australia.

* Alumnus Dr. Qais Ghanem is publishing his 3rd book in English. The book will be launched in October, 2012 and is entitled My Arab Spring: My Canada.
The book is co-authored by Elie Nasrallah a Lebanese Immigration Consultant in Ottawa.
The book discusses Arab immigration and integration into the Canadian society. How the Arab immigrants in Canada will be affected by the Arab Spring and how it is going to change their life and how it will change Canada. It will be available for sale at at a price of $12.

* Dr. Shihab Ghanem published  a booklet of poetry which contained translations of poems from the East and the West. The booklet was published in Arabic and issued free with the Dubai Cultural magazine.

* Alumnus Dr. Abdulla A Al-Sayyari stumbled on a research paper on Qat by the late Wijdan Luqman, the physician and graduate of Aden College. He described Dr. Wijdan as a highly academic physician. In other words he was a clinical scientist.
An extremely  small minority of doctors can claim to belong to this category.
In fact very few doctors ever wrote a single scientific paper in their lifetime in a peer-reviewed cited Journal.
Wajdan wrote many including one of the earliest scientific papers discussing the clinical and social effects of Qat. He
published the paper in the prestigious Annals of Internal Medicine exactly 36  years ago.

* As part of Aden College video interview series coducted by Dr. Qais Ghanem, alumnus Ashraf Girgrah (1955-1959) was interviewed in Ottawa, August 2012. To watch the interview click here.

To participate in Aden College video interview series, distance is no longer a barrier. Video interviews can be conducted via Skype. Drop Dr. Qais Ghanem a line at  to schedule an interview.

* Dr. Abdulla Al Sayyari prepared a complete study to establish a kidney disease and transplantation centre in Aden. The project was to be supervised by the Ministry of Health, Aden University and the Governate of Aden. The source of finance was to come from the Ministry of Health, University of Aden, Charitable Organizations, Kidney Patients Friends Society, Relevant International Societies and Individual donations. Unfortunately, the project was torpedoed by Yemeni officials red tape, bureaucracy,  lack of interest and support.
Click to read the study.

* Dr. Abdulla Al Sayyari wrote an article entitled “Is there a relationship between English law and the Islamic jurisprudence?. In it he detailed the Muslim advances in the discipline of law during the Islamic culture. Read more.

 * Dr. Mohamed Ali Al Bar wrote a paper in English on Organ Transplantation: A Sunni Islamic Perspective. Dr. Al Bar is the Director of Medical Ethics Centre, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

* Dr. Isam Ghanem wrote in his weekly Tuesday Talk about the forthcoming geopolitics in Yemen. He mentioned that it was leaked that the international community and KSA are exploring a solution for Yemen through new geopolitics.

* Ghazi Abdulla Al Trabulsi paid a visit to San Francisco, USA where he met over lunch with alumnus Taher Fakira who lives in San Frezeno, USA. A photo of the two appears in this page under the title of Alumni reunions.

* A letter dated June 30th, 1969 was issued to alumnus Maher A.K.Girgrah from the Acting Principal of Aden College, Mohamed Ahmed Al Mass. The letter documented the date of change of the curriculum of Aden College in 1968 by the NLF government from the English system to the Arabic system. The letter also showed that the graduating students of Aden College were sent abroad to Egypt to further their higher studies.
Read the letter.

* Dr. Mohamed Ali Al Bar published in Arabic a historical study entitled Aden, the Pearl of Yemen. The entire chapters of the 700 pages book can be read in a PDF format.

* Dr. Shihab Ghanem delivered a lecture in Arabic in Abu Dhabi about Dr. Al Bar book on the German poet Dr.Goethe.

* Dr. Abdulla Ahmed Al Sayyari wrote in Arabic a few articles which tackle the political agendas in Yemen. He also wrote about medical cases in his hospital.

* January 2nd, 1953 marked the resignation of the late Hamed Mohamed Ali Luqman from teaching in Aden College. He freed himself from the duties of teaching to become the editor-in-chief of the English paper Aden Chronicle which was published by Dar Fatat Al Jazeera. Two years later Hamed Luqman wrote an article in Arabic on the eve of the 10th anniversary of the first issue of Fatat Al Jazeera daily newspaper in Aden.
Read the article.

رسالة شكر وتقدير

إستلم موقع كلية عدن رسالة تقدير وثناء من المحامية
أوسان سلطان ناجي المشرفة على موقع والدها خريج
كلية عدن المرحوم المؤرخ والمفكر اليمني سلطان عبده
Sultan Abdo Nagiناجي
هذا نصها
وكان المرحوم سلطان ناجي قد أصدر دراسة عن عدن
عبر التاريخ نشرها في مجلة الاكليل عام 1983

* Alumnus Ahmed Bahabeeb (1958-1962), Ahmed BaHabeebmentioned in a letter to the website
that he tried to create a website in 2005 and register it as aden
But he admitted that he did nothing to pursue the idea any further. He congratulated our website
He reminisced about his years in Aden
Click here to read more about the letter.

* Alumnus Dr. Qais Ghanem writes a weekly article in English for Gulf News,Qais Ghanem in Ottawa
the Dubai English daily. In one of his articles he wrote an article entitled Presidential paranoia-my encounters with Saleh. In it he detailed his experiences with VIPs.
Click to read the article.

* Alumnus Dr. Abdulla Ahmed Al Sayyari,Al Sayyari now  co-authored and published two recent papers for the Interface of  Medicine & Religion.
The first paper is entitled Advance Medical Directives: A Proposed new approach and Terminology from an Islamic Perspective.
The second paper is entitled Effect of Fasting for Ramadan on Kidney Graft Function During the Hottest Month of the Year (August) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
A brief of the paper Effect of Fasting for Ramadan on Kidney Graft Function During the Hottest Month of the Year (August) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is posted here.
A brief of the paper Advance Medical Directives: A proposed New Approach
and Terminology from an Islamic Perspective, is posted here.

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