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Aden College  Alumni News.....

* Alumnus Qais Ghanem, MD, continues his published articlesdr_qais_ghanem_
in The Huffington Post, Canada. His latest article was published
on December 30th, 2011 and was entitled
Butt Out: U.S. Ambassador to Yemen Interferes With Protests.

*Aden College website offers its best wishes for a speedy recovery of alumnus Ghazi AlbdullaGhazi Abdulla Al Trabousi al Zighni. Ghazi underwent a surgical operation for knee replacement at a hospital in Nashville, Tennessee.

* Alumnus Isam Ghanem, PhD. wrote in hisIsam Ghanem Tuesday’s Talk articles About Adeni and Lahji song competition as well as a poem.
See the link opposite this web page.

*Alumnus Farook Aman asks in an article, if any colleague will be offended by a Merry Christmas greeting during the festive season of 2011!  He explains his opinion in here.
  Farook Hamza Aman1

In another article he tackles the topic of AIDS, the modern day killer disease, starting with the infectious virus of HIV to the full blown level leading to unfortunate demise or death. He also refers to the historical aspect of the vicious (invariably self-inflect) disease, and also provides for possible glimpse on ways to avoid it.

* Alumnus Dr. Mohamed Ali Al Bar is an 090810115537_aden_college_alumnus_dr_mohamed_albar_frcp__physician__islamic_scholar___bioethicistauthor of a new book in Arabic entitled ''Aden, Pearl of
Yemen, Religious and historical sites''. This is the first part
which is published by Kunoz Al Marifa
in Jeddah.

* Alumnus Dr. Abdulla Al Sayyari submitted in chronical order papers published or Al Sayyari nowaccepted for publication during 2011. The list included Patient Safety, Centeredness, Satisfaction and Ethical Issues.

* Alumnus Dr. Qais Ghanem continued his video interviews with Aden College alumni. His interviewees were alumni Farook Aman and Dr Abdulla Nasher.
Dr. Ghanem is looking forward to making as many interviews online with Aden College alumni  using Skype. If you have a skype name or an email address with your country of residence, please submit it to
Dr. Ghanem is on his third English novel, as well as a book on Arab Immigrants in
Canada. His first novel was Final Flight from Sanaa and his second was Two Boys from Aden College. The second book is available online from the following website :

* Alumnus Dr. Shihab Ghanem’s poetry has been translated into the language of malayalum‏. The translation is posted online at the following website

*Alumnus Dr. Shihab Ghanem appeared in a newsletter issued by SGI. He received a PEACE & CULTURAL AWARD‏ for his poem BAKHBOOKH in Arabic and English.
SGI is a non-profitable organization based in the UAE. It promotes human values through education and culture.

*Alumnus Dr. Qais Ghanem has just finished the manuscript of his 2nd novel entitled,
 “The Boys of Aden College”.  His first ever
English attempt at novels was entitled,
''Final flight from Sanaa".

*Alumnus Dr. Shihab Ghanem wrote the
lyrics of a new song in Arabic in aid of
famine in africa sponsored by world food programme. The song was composed and sung by Sami Yusuf as part of an album called "‏FORGOTTEN PROMISES".Sami Yusuf
Yusuf was recently asked to become a UN
celebrity partner for the World Food Programme (WFP). As part of the initiative, he started the campaign Live Feed Africa, which was launched on Dec 20. Proceeds from Yusuf's recently released album "Forgotten Promises" will go to the WFP.
One song download feeds two people for one day in drought-afflicted regions.
Famine in the Horn of Africa has affected more than 13 million people. Since July, the WFP has provided direct food assistance to about 8 million people. Check out the Live Feed Africa campaigns website and listen to a sample of "Forgotten Promises."

*In his weekly Tuesday Talk alumnus Dr. Isam Ghanem reveals his encouragement and patronage for Aden football teams. He lists the results of the teams.

* Alumnus Dr. Qais Ghanem has published in English his second novel entitled “Two Boys from Aden College” published by IUniverse.Two Boys from Aden College - Front1His first English novel was “Final flight from Sanaa”.

Ahmad and Hasan were two of the brightest students at Aden College in Yemen; they were also best friends. After graduation, they traveled together to Britain, where Ahmad studied medicine in Edinburgh and Hasan studied law in London. Their friendship remained strong while in Britain, as did their competitive natures. However, politics and ambition changed all that!

Hasan returns to Aden, where he gets married to none other than Ahmad’s sister, Salma, who adores him. Hasan’s career is just as successful as his personal life, and he becomes a high-ranking, well-respected minister of justice. Meanwhile, Ahmad develops a good reputation as a physician, but diagnoses murder by the communist government, and has to flee.

Fate brings the best friends back together in Sanaa, the capital of North Yemen. This time, the circumstances are dire. Once again Ahmad’s forensic training incriminates one of the president’s in-laws, accused of murdering a burglar. But Hasan chooses to protect the sheikh, and put his brother-in-law, in jail. Help comes from a teenaged prostitute.

* Alumnus Ashraf Girgrah has co-written,
videographed and edited a documentary on the production of Olives in Canena, in the region of JŠen, Andalusia, Spain. The narration of the video is in Spanish and the documentary touched some historical facts about the rule of Muslims in Andalusia.

* Alumnus Civil Engineer Jamal Abdul Hamid is on a visit to Spain with his family

* Alumnus Dr. Shihab Ghanem recited the translation of his poem BAKHBOOK‏ on video which was posted on YouTube.

Aden College  Alumni News.....

SGI Gulf
Logo of Japanese org

*Soka Gakkai International Gulf  hosted its first poetry symposium entitled “The Poetic Heart: Connecting Humanity” on Thursday 16th February 2012 at the main auditorium in  Knowledge Village, Dubai,  from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM.
As a step toward linking poetic hearts and connect humanity; SGI Gulf introduced Dr. Daisaku Ikeda – President of Soka Gakkai International an NGO based in Tokyo – who is 84 years old and a ‘World Poet Laureate’, a renowned peace activist and a prolific and widely published poet.
Other eminent poets from UAE such as Dr. Shihab Ghanem, Mrs. Geeta Chhabra, Mr. Ali Al Sayegh, Ms. Shaikha Al Mutairi and Dr. Hasan El Amrani and Dr. Qais Ghanem (based in Ottawa, Canada) participated  in the poetry symposium.

*The British Yemeni Friendship Society held a cultural event in London, UK in
honour of visiting Dr. Qais Ghanem in February 2012. Dr. Ghanem was in London
to introduce his novel "Last Flight from Sanaa".
Dr. Adil Aulaqi welcomed his colleague Dr. Ghanem to the audience and reviewed
his art and poetry works since the age of 17 years old.
In his return speech, Dr. Ghanem stressed the importance of cultural dialogue
and the respect of the opinions of others in all aspects of life.
qais signs his book in London copy1

  The evening ended with the signing of the novel for interested parties.

*For the first time a UAE author's work has been released in Malayalam. In 2006, Dr Shihab Ghanem's book of poems Behind 1001 Doors was translated. But few contemporary Arabic literary works are available in Indian languages.
Prize for Shihab3

   Dr. Shihab Ghanem received a prize for his literary work in the UAE from Muhammad Al- Mur president of the National Council, Dr Shihab Ghanem, Abdu Rahman Al-Owais Minister of Culture, Sultan Al- Suwaii Chairman of Nadwat Ath-Thaqafa wa Al- Uloom, Dr Saeed Hareb, Head of Prizes Committee.
shihab ghanem with sami yousuf4

You came to me by Sami Yusuf Lyric by Shihab Ghanem.

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