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Reviews of alumnus Dr. Qais Ghanem’s latest book Final Flight from Sana’a:
Qais book cover about Sanaa

Shahla Khan Salter

By Shahla Khan Salter – March 14th, 2011

Final Flight from Sana'a
by Peter Stokdale,Phd.

This novel is really engaging, very contemporary and prescient. It predicts the role of the Facebook kids in the Arab Spring, for example. The comparison of sexuality in the Arabian peninsula and northern Europe is very revealing (literally and figuratively) is made credible through the relationship of a Yemeni Canadian expat with a married Polish woman, and a gang rape by Yemeni security services.

It has a few of drawbacks of the first novel. The beginning has a few straw men that are battered down summarily. However, it has a pace and a direction that really got me as a reader. I finished it in just a few days, and I tend to take months to get through a book. You can almost smell the qat session.

Final Flight from Sana'a
by Dr. Michael Pilon

With the unfolding of recent dramatic political events in the Middle East I was intrigued by this new novel. It began on a relatively easy to assimilate mode. People who had been in failed relationships met in light hearted social settings in Canada. All very believable.
A few social encounters involving the central character gave a human element to a very human passion. The almost casual nature of the events laid a solid basis for less pleasant events in subsequent chapters.
The very real commercial nature of the sale of medical technology to Yemen lead the main character to some unpleasant realities of middle east life in some communities.
Without giving away the rivetting final chapter I can say that it provokes people of all backgrounds to revisit and examine the way some women are marginalized in this part of the world.

In light of the new role of social networking in some oppressed countries this book is very topical and provocative. Dr Ghanem 's uncompromising insight, as a man who came from this part of the world, is a breath of fresh air.

Final Flight from Sana'a
By Saeeda Bent Saeed, Yemen

Ghanem’s novel is fascinating, moving and beautifully written.
He covered most of the social behaviors in Yemen and was unbiased in addressing and comparing western and Arab societies particularly that in Yemen. I believe ethical standards are the same in all societies, but socially acquired behavior varies from society to society, and therefore determines norms.
 Being a Yemeni woman raised in conservative society, I must say some of the sex scenes seemed daring, and yet they were provocative and interesting. Indeed Yemeni women have always been, and still are oppressed and restrained in showing their feelings, related to sex and relations, due to lack of knowledge, education and mostly family restriction and customs. It is a completely male dominated society, though some men claim that they are gender oriented and believe in equality and equity but they are far away from such orientation.
The chapter which described the rape of of his classmate's daughter touched me so much and brought memories of a rape attempt during my childhood. I regret to say that a good number of women go through such horrific experience. Women/girls cannot report or speak about such incidents. Ghanem illustrated the scenes of chapter 10 and the following chapters (the old classmate daughter and the following arrest and jail) without any exaggeration, for these scenes happen in reality.
There is no doubt that Ghanem showed his deep perception of both societies. I admired Dr. Tariq’s compassionate manner, humor, cynicism and gentleness; which I believe reflect Ghanem’s own true character.

Saeeda bent Saeed, Yemeni woman living in Sanaa (not her real name for obvious reasons)

Final Flight from Sana'a
By alumnus Farook Aman.

*The Golden Days of Hans Crescent, an article written by alumnus Farook Aman in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

*Dr. Adel Aulaqi, lawyer Awad Mabgar and Dr. Qais Ghanem have an alumni reunion in London, England. A photo of their reunion is promised for posting at Aden College website.


* Alumnus Dr.Abdulla al-Sayyari,Professor of Medicine, King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences, Riyadh,KSA & Chairman of Aden College Association is donating a prize money of YR150000 (about US$800) under the umbrella of The Ahmed
Al Sayyari Academic Award to promote excellence in Aden in all disciplines of science, arts, health, literature, language, theology and sports.
The prize will be presented to the most diligent students in the Dr.Ghanem Secondary School in Khormaksar, Aden, by the Patron for the past 16 years, Dr.Isam Ghanem,Fellow of the International Bar.

The results will appear in mid-September 2011.
The Prize will be paid as follows:-
YR25k to the top student in the Sciences
YR15k to the 2nd best performer in the Sciences
YR10k to the 3rd best performer in the Sciences
YR25k to the top student in the Arts
YR15k to the top student in Arabic
YR10k to the top student in English
YR15k to the top student in Theology
YR10k to the top student in Geography
YR15k to the top student on the Stage
YR10k to the top student in Sports.
Certificates will be provided by Prof.


* Dr. Shihab Ghanem inaugurated his own web site. The web site is called
It refelcts the life time achievements and life long journey of Shihab in the arts of literature and poetry.

*Alumnus Qais Ghanem, MD, posted and published articles in the Huffington Post, a very popular North American web publication site.

In the first article Qais pleaded with fellow alumnus Dr. Abubaker Al Qirbi to distance himself from Ali Saleh’s regime. The article is entitled
'' Open Letter to Yemeni Foreign Minister Dr. Abu Bakr al-Qirbi ''

The article can be found at this site

The other articles are entitled ''Good News from Libya – at last, and ''Good News from Yemen – at last.
These can be found at the following website

*There is a growing number of Aden College alumni who are hosting their own websites. The ghanem family is one of
them. The websites are :                   Dr. Qais Ghanem (Canada)
Dr. Nizar Ghanem (Yemen)                            Dr. Shihab Ghanem   (UAE)                
The late Dr. M.A.Ghanem  (Yemen)

Aden College  News.....

* Alumnus Qais Ghanem, MD, continues his published articlesdr_qais_ghanem_
on The Huffington Post, Canada. His latest article was published
on November 3, 2011 and was entitled
Major Players in Yemen's Resistance.

*An audio recording was revealed by poetry enthusiasts of the late Lutfi Aman. Lutfi Aman newThe audio recording contained the voice of Lutfi reading by his own voice a poem which he compiled for the first time with an English word endings. He called the poem Tasneefaishen. The audio recording was posted on YouTube and Lutfi’s own Facebook page.

* Alumnus Isam Ghanem, PhD. wrote in his Tuesday’s Talk an article entitled Isam Ghanem
Aden College retrains Aden !

*Alumnus Dr.Adel Aulaqui sent us a memorable photo of Aden College alumni in the UK.
Qais Musa & Abubaker Qirbi Edinburgh 62_63 copy

From left : Dr. Qais Ghanem; Dr. Musa Ibrahim; Dr. Abubaker Al Qirbi, 1962/63.

I sent this photo to Qais Ghanem.  I used to be a good photographer!!! This was his reply:

The site is still going strong, but it needs new material all the time. This will be one item to add.
The British council was on Bruntsfield Crescent. I remember putting with Qais in the afternoons after a very "arduous" time at Uni, eating, drinking tea and lemonade in the Men's Union...women only allowed in at party times every saturday night, listening to medical lectures etc etc.
Adel Aulaqui

* Dr. Qais Ghanem from Ottawa, Canada wrote a peom entitled A Call to Rulers and Dr. Shihab Ghanem from Dubai, UAE wrote a poem entitled People against Rulers. They shared their thoughts and enthusiasm
of many people in the Arab World by writing poems in Arabic about the state of affairs of the Arab Spring Uprisings.

* Alumnus Mohamed Omer Balgoon from Hilversum, Holland, sent us few photos of Alumni reunions in Abu Dhabi during a visit to the Gulf State in the late 80s.
One of the photos is of alumnus Ashraf Girgrah with a falcon, the most precious bird in the Gulf. The falcons are expensive birds which are used for hunting in the desert.

Ash in Qatar with a Falcon copy4

Aden College Alumni News.....

*The venue for the Second Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Organ Transplant Congress was held in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia last month. This was a major International Congress with 14 International Speakers and over 37 GCC and National Speakers.
Two of Aden College Alumni actively Al Bar & Al Sayyariparticipated in the congress
Dr. M.A. Albar, FRCP (London) Director, Medical Ethics Center, International Medical Center, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and  Professor Abdulla A. Al-Sayyari, MBA, BSc (Lon), MBBS (Lon), MD (Lon), FRCP, FRCP (Edin), FACP  Professor of Medicine, King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences Head, Division of Nephrology & Renal Transplantation,  King Abdulaziz Medical City, Riyadh  Editor in Chief, Saudi Journal for Kidney Diseases & Transplantation Professor Abdulla Al Sayyari.

Dr. M.A. Albar gave a lecture on “Ethics on Organ Donation and Transplantation” and Professor Al Sayyari was the Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Congress.

*The forthcoming Geopolitics and Radfan Was The Centre  of The Revolution were two  recent Tuesday Talks posted byDr. Isam Ghanem, Phd.(London), Member of the Board of International Law.

*A bridge of poetry, an interview with Dr. Shihab Ghanem by Swati Hora.

*Raise Your Head Karman, was a recent poetry in Arabic by Dr. Qais Ghanem posted for the occasion of awarding the first Yemeni woman a Noble prize for the year 2011.

*Against The Wind The Ship Cannot Sail is a poem in English By alumnus Ali Sharif Master Hamood. Probably his first attempt at writing poetry in English.

*How did Mayakovsky commit suicide is a collection of poetry translated by Dr. Shihab Ghanem.

*On October 12, 2011, The Huffington
Post, Canada, published an article entitled Sons of Dictators an Intractable Problem?
by Qais Ghanem, MD, Creator and Host, Dialogue with Diversity Radio Show.  

*Geeta Chhabra, a famous Indian poet, writes about different dialogues of Qais Ghanem.

أستراليا تضع حديث الرسول محمد -صلى الله عليه وسلم
لا تسرفوا في الماء ولو كنتم على نهر جار ٍ  على
Save waterكل زجاجات المياه
يروى عن سعد بن أبي وقاص عن النبي
- صلى الله عليه وسلم - أنه نهى عن
الإسراف ولو كان على نهر جارٍ 
قال الله تعالى:"وكلوا واشربوا
وَلاَ تُسْرِفُواْ" (31) سورة الأعراف 
وقال النبي - صلى الله عليه وسلم -: (كل واشرب والبس
وتصدق في غير سرف ولا مخيلة) فالمؤمن مأمور
بالاقتصاد في كل شيء منهيّ عن الإسراف والاقتصاد في
كل شيء حتى الماء في الوضوء والغسل

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