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Their Excellencies : Aden College Alumni beat Eton’s Record !
by Dr. Shihab Ghanem


Over 2% (by my rough calculation) of Aden College Alumni became Prime Ministers, Ministers or Deputy Ministers. I may have missed some names.

Aden College Alumni include two Prime Minister,  Ministers and Deputy Ministers

The Ministers and Deputy Ministers were:

1.The late Mohamed Ali Haitham was the Prime Minister of the
   People’s Republic of South Yemen.
2. Abdul Aziz Abdul Ghani, a two-term Prime Minister of Yemen Arab
3. Abdulla Ghanem, 3 term Minister – Twice of Justice and once as
    Minister responsible Parliamentary Affairs
4. Abdul Rahman Tarmoom Minister of Planning.
5. Abdulla Nasher, Minister of Public Health and Population, Yemen
    Arab Republic.
6. Abdul Wasea Salam, Justice Minister
7. Yahya Al Shoaibi, Three-Term Cabinet Posts- Minister for
    Agriculture, Education and Higher Education.
8. Nasser Abdulla Al Aulaqi, Minister of Agriculture.
9. Abdulla Oqba, Minister of Culture, People’s Republic of South
10. Ahmed Saleh Al Shaer, Minister of Agriculture, People’s Republic
     of South Yemen.
11. Mohamed Saleh Aulaqi, Minister of Defence, People’s Republic of
     South Yemen.
12. Mohamed Saeed Madhi, Minister of Finance, People’s Republic of
      South Yemen.
13. Adel Mahfoud Khalifa, Minister of Justice, People’s Republic of
      South Yemen.
14. Amdeeb Saleh, Permanent Secretary of Labour, People’s Republic
     of South Yemen.
15. Abdul Qawi Rashad Al Shaabi, Permanent Secretary Foreign
      Ministry, People’s Republic of South Yemen.
16. Abdulla Al Asnag, Foreign Minister, Yemen Republic
17. Mohamed Salem Basindoah, Two-Term  Cabinet Posts – Foreign
     Minister and Minister of Interior and Prime Minister.
18. Anis Hassan Yahya, Minister, People’s Republic of South Yemen.
19. Moahmed Khadim Ghalib Alwajeeh, Minister of Oil and Mineral            Resources, Yemen Arab Republic.
20. Khalid Oqba, People’s Republic of South Yemen.
21. Yusuf Mohamed Abdo.
22. Ali Sallami, Deputy Minister of Health.
23. Shihab Ghanem Deputy Minister of Works, People’s Democratic
     Republic of Yemen.
24. Saeed Noban, Minister of Education, People’s Democratic Republic
     of Yemen.
25. Nadeem Hussain Ali, Permenant Secretary of works, People’s
     Republic of South Yemen.
26. Dr. Abubaker Al Qirbi, Two-Term Cabinet Posts, Minister of
     Education and Foreign Minister, Yemen Republic.

كثيرا نسمع عنهم
Ibn Sinaونقرأ لهـــــــــــم
ولكن لم نراهـــم
ابن سينا  شيخ  الأطباء
(360- 428 هـ / (970 – 1036م)

من كبار العلماء الاسلاميين

Dr Qais Ghanem, an Aden College Alumnus, tells us how he thinks health services could be improved in his native country in a wide ranging interview.

Click here to read more.

Alumni Forum

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From left :
Yemeni Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources Mohamed Khadim Al
Wajeeh, Aden College Alumnus, his deputy and Jaffer Al Skkaf

Fraouq Aman1

AC alumnus Farook Aman

Yemen Republic Foreign Minister Dr. Abubaker Qirbi, on the right, and former Foreign Minister of USA Collin Power.

Is it possible that the family surname of Aman came from Germany ?
Alumnus Farook Aman searched the website to see if his anecestor’s surname can be found.
Click here to find out what he found !

AC alumnus Abdul Rahman Bagunaid
Bagunaid is back to Holland after a temporary stay in Aden. Bagunaid runs away from the Winters of Holland in the Winter months. He is now retired from Radio Nederland and from his singing career. He speaks Arabic, Dutch and English. He is an occasional contributor in the Aden newspapers.

Avicenne Ibn Sina

اسمه الحسين بن عبد الله بن الحسن بن
 سينا أبو علي الملقب بالشيخ الرئيس
 وهو عالم موسوعي في علوم الطب
والرياضيات والطبيعيات والفلك
والموسيقي والفلسفة والمنطق ، كما كان
 شاعرا. وكان يتقن اللغتين العربية
والفارسية كما كان أسلوبه من أجمل
 الأساليب العلمية الأدبية.
ولد ابن سينا بقرية خلرمثين من ضواحي
مدينة بخاري وتوفي عن
عمر لم يزد عن ثمانية وخمسين عاما.
وحين بلغ العاشرة من عمره كان
قد حفظ القرآن الكريم، ودرس الكثير
من أدب العرب وتعلم ابن سينا وهو في
صباه الحساب الهندي والفقه كما
درس المنطق ورياضيات وإقليدس
 وفلك المجسطي وشرع في دراسة الطب

AC Alumni News...

Dr.Shihab with ex president of
Shihab with Swari El Dhab
sudan Swar al-dhab who received Dubai Quran prize.‏

Wagdi Yousuf Al Saidi
Aden College 1962-1966


Alumunus Wajdi Yousuf Hassan Al Saidi sent us a few memorable photos of Alumni in Aden College and a photo of his father the late Yousuf Hassan Al Saidi. His father was a Principal of a school in Tawahi(Steamer Point) and later a teacher in Aden Intermediate School (Al Rizmait) and Aden College.
His camera also recorded some shots of Aden College inhouse Athletics. These
can be seen in Photo Album under Sport Teams.

Avicenna and in his hands some of the surgery instruments which he used.

Dr. Shihab Ghanem an Aden College alumnus was a guest speaker at a symposium which was held in Sana’a Yemen.
The symposium discussed poetry of Yemeni poets.
Read more about the symposium on the right hand of the this web

Avicenna was a Muslim and Persian polymath and the foremost physician and philosopher of his time. He was also an astronomer, chemist, geologist, logician, paleontologist, mathematician, physicist, poet, psychologist, scientist and teacher. His designes  of surgical equipment in the 10th century are still in use today. Surgeons in Andalusia, Spain look at the surgical instruments and medical text books of Avicenna as one of the great achievements which contributed to the advancement of science in Europe at the time.

Avicenna’s reputation is held high in Andalusia where a statue was erected in his honour in Cordoba.  His portraits decorate the walls of many Faculties of Medicine and hospitals in the Middle East and Europe in appreciation of his scientific achievements.

About our Teachers...

aden flag1

AC Alumni Reunions


Alumnus Ashraf Othman Girgrah
is returning back to Canada after a lengthy stay of 7 years in Vera Almeria, Spain. He plans to settle in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

A couple of weeks ago I met with another of my Aden College class
colleague Anis Mazhar. The last time that I met him was we think in late 1958. His father was the famous physician Dr.Mazhar in the 50s and 60s. The three Mazhar brothers Akhtar, Anis and Mahmood all studied in Aden College and left for further education overseas. Like most other AC alumni they too did well. Akhtar went into Mechanical Engineering and worked for Shell, Anis became a Chartered Accountant and Mahmood a General Practitioner. Akhtar and Anis live in the UK while Mahmood lives in Canada. Anis and I met in London's Kingsbury borough and then had lunch together in the local Nando's Restaurant. We talked for a couple of hours reminiscing about our time in Aden and what we have been doing since we left Aden College. 

Jamal Abdul Hamid
aAlumnus 1950-1960

Alumnus Jamal Abdul Hamid sent us a summary of his impressions about AC staff, Part II

Mr Robinson:
Vice Principal & Principal.
Played a round of golf before starting college in the morning. Soft spoken but fairly firm and expected one to be polite and well behaved in class.

Mr Hunt:
Drove a Ford Prefect number plate
3.142=Pi. Dedicated teacher. Was a good athlete and runner of the mile.

Mr Hashim Abdulla:
Teacher of Arabic and Islamic Literature. A quiet and excellent teacher. Any noise from the students was immediately stopped by a sharp “sakta ya walad”

Mr Hussain Al Hibshi:
PE and Arabic composition teacher. Athletic and acrobatic. Occasionally pulled student’s hair when there was any misbehaviour or when wrong answers were given to his questions.

Mr Porteous:
Principal (1956). He was a prisoner of war and expected discipline If he saw dirty shoes he would ask the student to go and clean them.

Mr Abdulla Muheirez:
Taught Maths & Islamic History. Sympathetic and good-natured teacher.

Mr Hall:
Taught English. Ensured that his students were capable of tackling exam questions.

Miss Duffy:
Taught English. Seemingly aloof and remote, she was a good teacher.

Mr Narayan:
Vice Principal. Had a habit of rubbing his hands while lecturing.

يوم رفع علم عدن للمرة الأولى
أمام منزل المغفور لة عثمان
حسين  الأدهل
ويظهر في الصورة المرحوم
 زين باهارون رئيس وزراء عدن
السابق . كما يظهر أيضاً الفنان
ياسبن فارع وحسن خدابخش
ومجموعة من المناصرين من


Alumnus Hisham Bashraheel, Editor in Chief and Publisher of Al Ayyam daily newspaper left Aden for medical treatment.
We wish him well and speedy

AC Alumni News...

Al-Owais foundation honours
Poet Shihab Ghanem
in Sanaa and Taiz, Yemen.

Click here to read more.

Abdulla Taher Ali
Aden Colony Personalities c.1967

Dr. Adel Aulaqi sent us a photo from the 60s which shows some of  Aden politician and doctors who served the colony in BP Refinery hospital in Little Aden
Al Bureika. He said that Dr.Cen Jones was responsible for many a medical scholarship for AC alumni, certainly including his.
He died on October 27th in
2006. He very kindly gave me the picture and did identify Mrs Besse. I just managed to look up my notes of my meeting with him in London, some three years before he died.
The photo is posted on the right hand side of this page.

Abdulla Taher Ali, an AC alumnus from the 60s was in Malaysia recently on a family and business visits. He is currently living in Melbourne, Australia after his retirement from his job at RasGas in the State of Qatar. Abdulla holds an MBA from Henley Management College, majoring in Organizational Behavior (Arab Culture). Lectured in Malaysia for a while. After leaving RasGas he is now a  Managing Director of  a Company based  in Australia, with overseas interests. Travels frequently on business assignments, focusing on his experience and knowledge in the Far East and the Gulf.

dr_qais_ghanem_ The Music of Islam

CEMA: Canadian Ethnic Media Association announced the award winners of its 32nd annual awards for 2010 as part of "Ethnicity, Governance and Social Justice: Linking Canada to the World". Dr. Qais Ghanem was one of the recipients for his Ottawa radio show. Dr. Ghanem is the creator and host of Dialogue with Diversity Radio Show which broadcasts from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
The recent award is the 3rd which he won since 2009. The awards are:
Winner of the 2009 and 2010 CEMA Award for Radio;
Winner of the 2010 OCISO Media Leadership Award; and
Winner of the 2010 United Way Community Builder Award.
Read more here.

A new audio Yemeni music CD in the series of Celestial Harmonies was produced by David Parsons of the USA  with the help of co- producer Dr. Nizar Ghanem. The CD is a compilation of music of Yemeni singers. There are 7 recordings in the CD.

To find more about the CD consult

Aden   College    Alumni     News

Farook Hamza Aman

Farook Hamza Aman published a recent article in Ottawa, Canada, entitled, The battle of Tripoli spilling blood in Yemen.

A copy of the article can be found in the following file.

A Cultural Seminar on the occasion of UAE’s 39th National Day was held by Dubai KMCC (Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre) On Friday, 26th Nov 2010, 7.30 pm at Dubai Landmark Auditorium, Dubai. The topic was “Gulf : Experiences which went un-exchanged”. Among the guest speakers was Dr. Shihab Ghanem.
Read more here.

ABU DHABI – Kalima, the translation project of the
Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage
(ADACH), published the Arabic translation of a collection of poems written by the famous Indian poetess Kamala Suraiyya. The translation was in a book by Dr. Shihab Ghanem.

The book, entitled "The Suraiyya Resonance", contains a full collection of her poetry which had been originally published in Malayalam under the title “Ya Allah” (O God)

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