Aden crown flag

Dhow symbol which was incorporated into the Union Jack
to form Aden Colony flag.

Canadian time


Dr. A. Al Sayyari
(Saudi Arabia)

Dr. Shihab Ghanem

Ashraf Girgrah, B.A. B.Ed

Design :
Ashraf Girgrah


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Contact address: عنوان الاتصال

الدكتور عبدالله السياري

أسرة التحرير
الدكتور شهاب غانم
(ألامارات المتحدة)
أشرف جرجره
ب.ع. آداب، ب.ع. تدريس

أشرف جرجره

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College trip to Abyyan 1958. Ashraf Girgrah with Abdulla Oqba in Abbyan 1958

Shihab Ghanem with Yousuf Ahmed Taher

Shihab Ghanem with Yousuf Ahmed  Taher.

shihab with class mates60s

From left :
Musa Abdul Karim, unidentified, Shihab Ghanem, Pereira, Madwani, and standing was Mahmoud Al Kateeb


From left :
unidentified, Rusi Hodiwala,, Shihab Ghanem, ,Mahmoud Al Khateeb, unidentified, Ali Sharif, Nadim  Hussein Ali and in the middle was Abdo Zuraiqi.


At the College balcony. From left :
Abdulla Ali Oqba, Abubaker Qirbi, Shihab Ghanem, Abbas Al Aidrous.


The Principal Mr. Shaw with a group of alumni in 1959.

Jaffer Al Skkaf with Afdel Mohd. Khan

Jaffer Al Skaff with Afdel Mohd. Khan

Trip to Abyan

College trip to Abyyan in 1958. From left :
Sitting :  Shihab Ghanm,Nasim Murad, Ahmed Girgrah, Ashraf Girgrah, and cooking is Mohd. Girgrah.


College Abyyan trip:
Standing from left :
Rusi Hodiwala, late Nadim Hussein Ali. Bending Sami Luqman, standing: unidentified, Nageeb Maqtari. Bending: Mohd. Asim, Ashraf Girgrah, Mohd. Girgrah.


Rehearsals for the Merchant of Venice play
by Alumni and teachers.
On the right Abdulla Bin Salman and Abdulla oqba.


The Merchant of Venice was played in 1959
by :
Antonio: Abdulla Oqba
Shilock: Abdulla Bin Salman,
 Basanio : Ali Sharif Gatino : Mohd. Mohsin Atroush,
The Duke: Farouq Azam
Servantes : Hameed Al Salim Al Shabi,  Abubaker Quti and  Abdulla Nagi.

Mr.Tuckly from the British Council was the supervisor.

Qaiser Luqman Isam and vinod  shah.jpg

Group of Alumni in class:
From left Shihab Ghanem, Mohamed Girgrah, Madowani, and unidentified 5 alumni.


College trip in 1958. From left :
unidentified 3 alumni, Musa Abdul Karim, Ibrahim Ahmed, 2 unidentified alumni, Ibrahim Ismail, Ahmed Fadaq, and in between Rusi Hodwala, Shihab Ghanem, Mahmoud Al Khatib and unidentified others.

TNA-At the Canteen.

Take on a trip to abyan in 1958, from left alumnus Ali Jaffer and Jamal Abdul hamid.

TNA-Students in the Corridor

College students during the rest period in the Cafeteria. Notice the students with shorts which designate lower college class students. Students with long pants are for 5th and 6th upper classes. 


At the College Cafeteria. Alumni queue in a line for their turn.
Appearing in the front:
Ali Baqr, 3rd behind Hussain Mahyoub Sultan, 7th behind is Jamal Hamid.

TNA-Science Class

Teacher of Biology Mr.Chilwan overseeing  experiment in the college Laboratory.
Attending alumni on the right :
Muneer  and Jamal Hamis.


Hard at studing in a lower college class.

Aumni at a Trip to Abyan_edited-2

A trip to Abyyan 1958.
From left front :
Ashraf Girgrah, Nageeb Makthari,
the lateAhmed Girgrah, Mohamed Girgrah, Rusi Hodiwala,

Behind :
Late Suleiman Fakhira, Abubaker Khalifa.


Discipline at its best.
Queing for lunch time at the doors of the dining hall at the college.
Because of the number of student population the meals were served in sessions.

College prefects  from 1955.

Sitting from left :

Khalid Muheirez, Mohamed Saif Thabet, Hussein Mahyub Sultan, Ahmed Obaid, Abubaker Baqir.

Standing behind from left:
Abubaker Al Atass, Muner Khan, Qais Ghanem, Mohamed Girgrah, Ali Gaffer, Abdul Kader Al Fadli.


Mr. Nayyar with students
Ashraf Girgrah and Mahmoud Alwan , 1958.

Swimming team_edited-2

College swimmers. From left :
Ashraf Girgrah, Ghazi Bakash, Jaffer Buhri, late Hafid Luqman, late Ahmed Girgrah.

Alsayyari with AC students

الدكتور عبدالله أحمد السياري الرابع من اليسار
في صورة تذكارية مع زملائه في الدراسة بالكلية 

AlSayyari and Anwar

صورة لطلبة كلية عدن تجمع انور جرجره في وسط المجموعة وعبدالله السياري الثالث من اليسار وزهير شهاب وعزام الادهل ويحي طاهر

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