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Zuhair Shehab, MD.

The idea of having a website for Aden College website is a great idea that needs to be developed to its full extent. It. has to be sustained may be through contributions or membership if we want it to be professional and to fulfill its desired potential. A chat site within the Web site may need to be developed.

Please tell me how can I help. A college graduate reunion in Aden will be a great idea.


Aden Memories by Sharaf Nourdin

The memories about schools, teachers and Aden College Alumni that were well related by Aden College Alumnus Sharaf Nourdin prompted another College Alumnus to wtite about similar memories.
In 1947 our family moved from my Grandfather's house in Tawahi to a government house in Front Bay (Regiment area called locally rizmet) opposite the court and the intermediate school. This is the corner house now occupied by dr Majeed Ghanem. (after we left it Sayid Zain Al-Hazimi father of Mohammed Zain - a graduate of Aden college- lived in it) . Qais moved from Tawahi primary school to al Saila primary school in Crater. I joined that school in 1948.
Mr. Abdulla Nuraddin, who was married to my aunt Shifa Abduh Ghanem (a pious woman who recited several parts of the Quran daily and was mother of several doctors, etc). With him was his brother Ustad Hasan. Both Sayid Abdulla and Hassan may Allah rest their souls were graduates of Bakht Al-Rida in Khartoum and taught at Saila. Mr. Abdulla taught me geography in the final fourth form at Saila. He was a highly serious and respected teacher. Hasan did not teach me . I used to walk with them every morning to Saila. I was 7 or 8 and they made sure that I cross the bridge over the Saila safely as requested by my
mother. I became a close friend of Hassan when he went to do a course in Birmingham UK in 1965. I was working there with General Electric Co. after having graduated from Aberdeen. I was also studying management at Aston and studying elementary German and French at  night school. I was reading a lot of English famous novels and writing poetry. It was one of the richest years in my life. Also Hassan and I were doing voluntary teaching to Yemeni workers and adults every Sunday School.
I think Dr Isam and Abdulla Hashem joined us for a short time but soon stopped because they were disappointed by the attitude of the workers. I was also disappointed and frustrated but continued to attend with Mr. Hassan.

We spent our time and money on transport but some of the workers appreciated our efforts. we used to meet either in my flat or the rooms of Isam, Abdulla Hashem or Hassan Saeed Sallam or Hassan Nourdin. Mr. Sharaf also lived in the same house with his brothers but he was of our age group and played with us football. one day my uncle Shawqi Mohammed Ali Luqman (may Allah rest his soul), who was also our age group and played football with us too wrote a very funny poem dedicated to Sharaf, which Sharaf, Qais and I still remember with fond memories. Sharaf also played with Qais and i table tennis in our house almost every day and when Maghreb came he stopped playing with difficulty to go to pray. Sharaf and I also were very close in 1964 when i was in London working with GEC and studying Industrial Administration and Sharaf was studying Accounting at Lewisham.

We travelled together to Paris and Berlin with my late friend MUK who became director of statistics in Ottawa. I once wrote a funny poem about our adventures.

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Sharaf Nourdin on the right with Dr.Shihab Ghanem in Abu Dhabi, 2008


 View from the sea of Regiment bay (Al Rizmait) off Sira Island.

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