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Dr. A. Al Sayyari
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الدكتور شهاب غانم
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أشرف جرجره
ب.ع. آداب، ب.ع. تدريس

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Declaration of Results
6th Sept., 2009

Where as the following Aden College Alumni were nominated:-


Dr.Abdulla al-Sayyari       Executive Chmn, Riyadh

Dr.Muhammad al-Bar      Deputy Chmn, Jedda

Eng.Jaffar al-Sakkaf        Vice President, Aden

Senator Taha Ahmad Ghanem  Vice President, Sanaa

Senator Ibrahim Saidi      Vice President, Sanaa


and Whereas the Statement of Mission & Philosophy provides for upto 6 elected members of the Board, the above nominees are hereby declared duly ELECTED in an uncontested election and there will be no need for votes.

This election also completes the formation of the Aden College Association as a Group(not a Society).Majmu'a.

The ACA Chmn should convene the first  Board meeting by email(as 4 cities are involved)to APPOINT a Secretary-General followed by a Treasurer(as donations are needed).

The appointment(s) will be hosted in the ACA web site which is owned by the originator but which the ACA has a licence to use reasonably in consideration of helping in its construction subject to the quality control of the IPR owner.

Thus the 9thDec.09 Reunion will not include elections in view of the above Results.The Statement is under continuous Review.

Senator Taha Ghanem might organise visits to the Model Secondary and the Dr.Ghanem Secondary in Khormaksar on 10th Dec., 2009, after breakfast.

The first Annual General Meeting will be held on early next year 2010, as a FORMALITY.

Other activities will be outlined in an Agenda after the First Board Meeting.

Dr.Isam Muhammad Ghanem, Interim Sec-Gen

Al Sayyari now

Dr. Abdulla Al Sayyari
Executive Chairman, Riyadh


Deputy Chairman
Dr. mohamed Al Bar, Jedda


Mr. Jaffer Al Sakkaf
Vice President, Aden

mr Ibrahim Saidi-aden_college_alumnus

Mr. Ibrahim Saidi


Dr. Isam Ghanem
Interim Secretaary General, Sanaa

د. عصام محمد عبده غانم رئيساً لمديرية خور مكسر

أصدر د. فاروق حمـــــــــزه رئيس الحراك السلمي
في عدن ورئيس تجمع أبناء عدن قراراً أقتضى
بتعيين د. عصام غانم، رئيساً لتجمع أبناء عدن
في مديرية خور مكسر ،عدن في  7يونيو  2011م

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