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A distingusihed family which influenced the learning and education processes in Aden and affected the lives of many, including Aden College Alumni.
By Dr. Shihab Ghanem

The late lawyer Muhammad Ali Luqman was the first advocate in Yemen and the person who established Fatat Al Jazeerah, the first independent newspaper in Aden in 1940. He wrote the first novel in Yemen titled Saeed.

He had a number of distinguished sons many of whom had connections with Aden College, Khormaksar Secondary School, Maalla Technical Institute and Aden Intermediate School. Many of whom also had close association with educational development in Aden

The eldest the late renowned poet Ali Luqman (1918-79) was the first Yemeni graduate in journalism. His nephew Dr Shihab Ghanem wrote a book about him.

The second son was the late Abdul Raheem was a Principal of Aden Intermediate School, the Aden Technical Institute, Aden college and Khormaksar Secondary School and later became Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education.

The third the late Ibrahim was a distinguished and popular teacher and later a very senior officer in govt. He taught English at Aden College.

The fourth was the late Hamed, teacher, journalist and public relations manager at Aden Refinery. He taught Geography at Aden College.

A rare photo of the four of them in the forties in Cairo where they were student in the universities is shown below.
the_elder_sons_of_mohamed_ali_lokman_from_left_ali__abdulraheem__hamed__ibraheem__courtesy_dr_shihab_ghanem_  From left :
  Ali, Abdul Rahim, Hamed and      Ibrahim Mohamed Ali Luqman.






The fifth Fadhle was the Principal of Technical institute and late UNESCO expert.

the_highly_respected_teacher_and_engineer_fadhle_muhammad_ali_luqman__principal_of_technical_college_and_unesco_expert   Fadel Mohamed Ali Luqman.

The sixth Farouq, the renowned journalist working in Saudi. He was an Aden College Alumnus.
farouq_m_luqman   Farouq Mohamed Ali Luqman.

The seventh the late Shawqy, engineer, manager of Mobil in Aden and businessman. He was at Aden Technical Institute

engineer_shawqi_luqman   Shawqy Mohamed Ali Luqman.

The eighth the late Dr Hafedh who graduated from Aberdeen in medicine. He was a distinguished sportsman at Aden College. He died in a tragic car accident in 1982 in Abu Dhabi. He was an Aden College Alumnus.

hafedh_m_luqman   The late Dr. Hafid Mohamed Ali Luqman.

The ninth is engineer Maher who is a successful contractor in Jeddah. H has republished his father's works and also the books of verse of his brother.  He was an Aden College Alumnus.

1_maher_ali_luqman_aden_college_alumnus   Engineer Maher Mohamed Ali Luqman.


Mohamed Ali Luqman at Aden airport 50

Maalla street Aden4

أمانيات عدنية
قصيدة بعنوان شارع المعلا الجديد
للشاعر المرحوم علي محمد لقمان


The late lawyer, journalist, thinker and philospher  Mohamed Ali Luqman.


The late Ali Mohamed Ali Luqman, the eldest son. He was a journalist, poet and editor-in-chief of two newspapers in Arabic and English.


The late Abdul Rahim Mohamed Ali Luqman, the second eldest. He was an educator who translated some English texts, aa teacher, A principal and an administrator.

An article by the late Abdul Rahim Luqman, an educator and Principal at Aden College. He wrote this article in 1963.

Click here to read more.


The late Ibrahim Mohamed Ali Luqman. He was an a teacher, aa teacher and an administrator.


The late Hamed Mohamed Ali Luqman. He was an educator who and an administrator.

Read on Article03 page an article on Aden College by the former Principal the late Abdul Rahim Luqman.

من مذكرات المحامي محمد علي لقمان
مقال طويل عن Autobiography-of-Lawyer-Luqمذكرات رجل التنوير
محمد علي لقمان في صحيفة 14 أكتوبر‏
د . شهاب غانم

أنقر هنا


Dar Fatat Al Jazeera for
printing & publishing.  A gathering centre for educators, jounalists, engineers,
physicians and poets

كلمات وعبر
(لطفي أمان في حفل تأبين محمد على لقمان مايو 1966م)
حوار دار بين رائد التنوير في الجزيرة العربية 
المرحوم محمد علي لقمان وشاعر عدن المرحوم لطفي أمان . . .
يقول لطفي :
أذكر قوله مرة لي – وهو يتصدر حلقة سياسية :
" هل أنت خواف؟"
قلت : " أبداً"
قال : " أنا كذلك، ولكنني أخاف شيئاً واحد بعد الله".
... قلت: " وماهو؟"
قال وهو يربت على كتفي " أن تضيع عدن يا بني "
يقول لطفي : كلمات لم تزل تجلجل في كياني حتى مماته

عدن تمتلك سكة حديد
Maalla stop1
نشر مقال في موقع فيسبوك لكلية عدن
من مذكرات المرحوم محمد علي لقمان المحامي
عن إمتلاك عدن سكة حديد / بين الأعوام
1919م - 1930م

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