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Recommendations by the report of of HM Inspectors on Aden College  after assement needs in February 1959. Source The British Library, London.

''H. M. Inspectors, however, have no hesitation in making the following recommendations:-

(a) All entrants to Aden College should be given the opportunity of benefiting from a course suited to their aptitudes for a period of not less than three years and preferably four years. Such a course may appropriately finish with an examination, but the course needs to be well rounded and valuable in Itself.

(b)  In view of the greatly varying background of entrants to Aden College, and even if entrance is confined to those likely to benefit from an academic course, it seems reasonable to introduce the possibility of a five year course to Ordinary level for those students whose attainments are relatively low.

(c)  The growth of a really strong sixth form is essential to the well being of the College as a whole,  including that of those students who do not themselves reach the Sixth Form.  From the point of view of the students themselves,  and because Aden Colony surely needs some well educated persons other than doctors and engineers,  It is essential that opportunities exist for,  and are taken by,  students with abilities and aptitudes for work in Arts subjects.

The curriculum,  details of which are given in the Appendix, presents few unusual features. Physical education and art receive a meagre allowance of time and, unfortunately,   they are not available after the second year. When staffing and facilities permit,  some attempt should be made to provide a range of crafts either formally or Informally.  Except In science subjects In the upper forms, the teaching group Is the form.  It Is understood that teaching sets arranged according to ability existed last year but had been discontinued at the time of the Inspection.  It would be wise to reintroduce mathematical teaching sets when staffing permits.   In the sixth form, provision is made only for the three alternative courses previously referred to.  It is pleasing to note that a general study has been introduced for all advanced level students. This study is in the form of English and it might well be developed to include some consideration of historical and current affairs having some special reference to Aden Colony and the Protectorates.
Standards of work in the various subjects  (excluding Arabic which was inspected separately)  are described in the following sections. Apart from the situation in the forms of the first two years referred to above,  only two general points need be made.  The industry and the powers of retention of the students are noteworthy.  Indeed, a very real danger exists in connection with the latter in that it seems relatively easy for the students to absorb and reproduce information in an uncritical way so that facts tend to remain unconnected and knowledge acquired lacks perspective.  But the main difficulty in the work of the College is that, prior to their entry at 14 years of age, students have studied English as a foreign language,  but they have hardly begun to use it generally as a means of communication.  In consequence, it is only natural that the abilities, and indeed aptitudes, of many boys are only developed with difficulty as, to them, their education in subjects is conducted for the first time through the medium of a foreign language at the same time that some of the subjects are being introduced.  Inevitably,  therefore,  every master is a teacher of English in every lesson for at least the first two years.''

Photos from the Past.....

Al Saidi with other teachers

This photo was taken in 1949.
From left to right :
A. Khalil, Yousuf Hassan Al Saidi, Ibrahim Luqman,  Mahmoud Luqman, Nageeb Aman, Habeeb Aman, Yassin Shuwalla, Abdo Ali Ahmed.


Al Saidi at Aden College

Another unique photo in the late 40s.
From Left to right :
sitting : Yousuf Hassan Al Saidi, Ibrahim Luqman, Mohd Abdo Ghanem, Abdo Saeed Shibani, H. AlJiffri, Abdul Rahim Luqman, Hashim Abdulla, unidentified.

Standing from left :
Abdulla Nour El Din, Ahmed Abdo Ramzo unidentified, Abdulla Zaid Mohamed.

AlSaidi at the football stadium

Al Saidi at the Football Stadium 1950s.
From far left in the first row :
Jaffer Murshid, Abdulla Ahmed Hamzi, Hassan Al Sheebani, Hassan Ismail Khudabjsh, unidentified, unidentified, Yousuf Hassan al Saidi, Hamed Al Safi.

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